Convert waste into money- by Silver Extraction Business

Start highly profitable business of extracting pure Silver from easily available waste solution (known as fixer) of X-ray Clinics, Photo labs, Off-set processors, Block makers, Industrial X-ray department etc. using fully automatic machine, based on today's latest technology.



Silver is a major cost component of photo films. Every film has a thin coating of silver over it. During image formation, silver separates from image portion of film and gets dissolved in fixing solution. By repeating the process again & again, fixer solution stops working some time due to presence of excessive silver and solution point comes, when ever silver concentration reaches upto 10 grams per liter. At This stage, exhausted fixer solution is rejected and used as basic raw material for our business. In order to recover pure silver, the waste fixer solution is filled in the plant and plant is connected with. The silver present in the solution is automatically seperated-off in solid metallic flakes from, which can be sold 'as it is' tp any jeweler, fetching a high profit. While purchasing fixer solution, the silver contents can be checked in advance with the help of silver estimation papers. According to that purchase price of waste solution can be settled and profitability may be predetermined. Therefore it is a totally riskless business.



Silver is a major component of photo films. Every film, either X-ray or photographic has a thin coating of silver over it. During image formation, silver transfers from image portion of film and comes to the fixing solution. By repeating the process time and again, more and more silver keeps on dissolving in fixer solution, till it stops working due to presence of excessive silver (Attainment of saturation point) and is called the waste solution.This rejected waste fixer solution is the basic raw material for the business of extracting pure silver. The concentration of silver in fixer solution varies from process to process and time to time.


Extraction of silver with our plants is an economical and safe process. Before procuring or processing fixer solution, the silver concentration can be checked with the help of silver estimation papers. Silver testing process is too simple that by dipping a small piece of silver estimation paperin the solution and comparing the change in colour with the accompanying colour chart, the silver concentration may be determined in grams per litre within a few seconds. On comparing with prevailing prices of siver, the purchase price of fixer can be settled accordingly. The operation of machine is a very simple process. By filling the waste solution into plant tank and connecting to the electricity mains, plant starts working and silver present in the solution starts depositing over the silver collecting blocks. After the stipulated time period, the whole silver present in the solution is extracted in the form of solid metallic flakes, which can be sold 'as it is ' to any jeweller at current rate of pure silver.


Silvo India are the first to introduce fully automatic silver extraction plants, based on today's latest technology, therefore extraction of silver has become more economical, safe and profitable. The best part of this trade is that silver contents can be checked before procurring the waste solutions with the help of silver estimation papers. It not only helps to predetermine the profitability but also reduces the risk-factor. The waste fixer is easily available from every X-ray clinic, photo lab, offset processor etc. at regular interval of around 10 days. In India the price of waste fixer is generally settled at approx half the rate of market value of silver present in it, but its rate may be vary. For example : X-ray fixer solution saturates when silver concentration reaches around 10 grams per litre (today's 10 gms. silver worth in India is Rs. 350-00 (i.e.5$ ) and it is available at the maximum rate of Rs. 150-00 (i.e.2.5$ ) per litre. Difference in the both the prices is your profit. The waste fixer solution may be available at much cheaper rates at you place, because its rate varies from place to place & time to time. Another interesting features of this plant is that, once the silver has been extracted properly from the waste X-ray fixer solution, this residual fixer may be reused by X-ray clinics again for fixing the X-ray films.

Silver Extraction Plants are available in various models. The most appropriate model can be selected according to the availability of raw material in your area and according to your working & financial capacity. Before selecting the suitable model, it is better to survey the market in your surrounding areas and get confirm from all X-ray clinics, photo lab etc. about availability of waste solution, changing period of fixer solution & its selling rate. It not only helps you to select the most appropriate model, but also gives the true picture about feasibility of this business.


With the development of science & technology and increasing population, the health facilities are developing very fast. Due to this reason the consumption of X-ray films as well as photo films are increasing. Along with it, quantum of waste fixer solution, generated by X-ray clinics, photo labs etc. is also increasing very rapidly.All the development shows that.

More Medical Facilities More X-ray films More Fixer
More Educational Activities More offset films More Fixer
More Tourism activities More photo films More Fixer

Hence all the more consumption of films means more availability of waste fixer solution. If the waste fixer solution is not being collected, then it would have to be thrown away resulting in waste of national resources. The overall availability of raw material will continue to increase in every part of the country and there will always be a good scope and demand for silver extraction.


To highlight the profitability and viability of this trade, a project report for Model SX-150 is available here. Kindly note that we have assumed the maximum rate for raw material (waste fixer solution), average silver concentration and lowest rate for sale of finished product (pure silver) in this report, to show the profitability on the lowest side. If you compare the current prevaling rates at your place, you will certainly find this project more profitable.

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