Convert waste into money- by Silver Extraction Business

Use:It extracts pure silver from waste fixer solution of X-ray clinics , photo labs, offset processors etc.and enable one to get extra income as a part time / full time business.
Sources of raw material:All used & waste fixer solution of X-ray clinic, photo labs offset film processors, block maker etc. situated in your nearby area. You yourself have to arrange for the raw material.
Silver content in fixer solution:Generally waste fixer solution contains up to 10 grams silver per liter.
Testing of solution:Fixer solution can be tested while purchasing and processing by means of silver estimation papers, which indicates silver contents present in grams per litre of solution. By dipping a piece of test paper in the solution for five seconds and comparing its colour with accompanying colour chart, quantity of silver can be estimated immediately.
Operation of plant:It is very simple to operate. By filling the waste fixer solution into the plant tank and connecting it to electricity mains (domestic line of 220 volts A.C.) , plant starts working and pure silver starts depositing over the silver collecting blocks in the form of solid metallic flakes. Detailed ‘Operation Manual is provided only along with the plant in which everything is mentioned clearly.
Installation:All the plants are portable , single switch operated and no foundation is required. Plant can be installed at home also because of being noiseless & pollution free.
Attendance during process:It is not essential to attend the plant continuously while operating. Just start the process and stop after it has processed completely as per stipulated time.
Sale of Silver:Silver can be sold ‘as it as’ to any jeweller at the current rate of pure silver. All jewllers happily accept to purchase silver in any bulk quantity and make the instant cash payment.
Processing Cost:Only 50 paise to maximum Rs.1.00 pre liter including electricity charges etc.
Silver Estimation paper:One cartoon of silver estimation paper contains 200 leavs & one colour chart and is sufficient for 1000 tests. It is not not available in loose form or sample form.
Transportation:Plants are compact in size and can be carried easily by bus, train. It can also be sent by road transport/ cargo service etc.
Electric Load:All plants works on domestic electricity line (220 volts AC) and its electric consumption is very low (from 100 W to 750 W only) e.g. model SX-150 works on 100 W. electricity load and consumes 1 unit in 10 hours working.
Pollution:There is no pollution due to extraction of silver through our plants.
Delivery: Immediately or within 30 days from the date of placement of order . It depends upon our current stock position.
Demonstration:Practical demonstration of plant is available at our office during working hours.
Govt. Permission:No special permission is needed from any govt. department to start this trade.
Loan:Bank can provide loan for this project. You have to contact your local bank directly. We do not give any loan / instalment or credit facility.
Project Report:We can provide project report for any model @ Rs.50-00 only.
Income Tax Relief:33.33% or as amended, depreciation is allowed to deduct from taxable income.
Branch Office:We do not have any branch office except here in Delhi.
List of Customers:It is not supplied by us because normally no-body wants to show his work place or allow any stranger to visit.
ICustomer Reference:Because of, plant is small in size & can be shifted any where according to easy availability of raw material or convenience of entrepreneur. Therefore we cannot provide costomer reference .
Maintenance & Servicing:All plants are quite sturdy to work for a long duration, without fear for giving any trouble and do not require any spare part / maintenance or servicing.
Consumable:There is no Consumable in our plant. All components in the plant, processing block etc. are permanent and (don’t require any replacement) Moreover, no chemical is required to be added during processing.
Warrantee:One year from the date of sale.
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